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1:2 Alhamdulillah

1:2 The (specific) praise is due to Allah…

Hamdu is used instead of Madah and Shukr.

Madah is used for flattering someone to obtain favours in return.

Shukr is used for thanking/ acknowledging someone after receiving benefits.

However linguistically Hamd is more than these. It means comprehensive praise, more general than thanks, the opposite of blame.

Allah praises Himself and teaches us to do the same. In this chapter (surah), He explained the reasons for that praise:

  1. He is the Lord of the worlds. We thank Him for creating the earth for mankind’s provision and dwellings. We also praise Him for His wisdom and ability to create all things. These relate to what had happened.
  2. He is the all merciful, most merciful. We thank Him for His constant provisions to us regardless our faith. We also thank Him for choosing to guide us to know and believe in Him.
  3. He is the owner of the day of recompense. We praised Him for being the most just judge in rewarding and punishing His servants. We thank Him for His mercy and abundant rewards for the believers. These relate to what will happen.

Allah teaches us that the phrase alhamdulillah is the statement of thankful persons in the Qur’an as what was said by prophets/the faithfuls in 23:28 by Nuh (Noah) when they were rescued, 14:39 by Ibrahim (Abraham) for being blessed with children at old age, 27:15 by Dawud (David) and Sulayman (Solomon), 17:111 Allah teaches mankind, 35:34 by people of the Gardens and 10:10 by the faithfuls.

Allah deserves the praise no matter what He does or doesn’t. He is the wise and all knowing. Everything He does has reasons behind them. He is the best planner and we are ignorant except what He decides for us to know.

The word alhamdulillah (also known as tahmid) is better than the world and its treasures, because the world will perish but the word will last, to be rewarded in the Hereafter.

Praise is due to Allah, regardless of anything.



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