1:2&4 Lord of the Created worlds

رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ … 

…  Rabbi al ‘Aalameen

… Lord of the Worlds,

-Sura Al-Fatihah, Ayah 2
مَالِكِ يَوْمِ الدِّينِ

Maaliki yawmi addeen, 

Master of the Day of Judgment,

-Sura Al-Fatihah, Ayah 4

The first dimension of God singularity is Tawhid Rububiyyah = Allah’s oneness in ownership and power over all things including the reckoning (hisab), time, hearts, destiny,  actions and reactions etc.

Rabb means sustainer, lord, owner, proprietor and ruler.

It also includes the meaning in the word tarbiyah i.e. to grow, to nurture and to educate.  

Men can be the rabb of his belongings. However, sometimes we own and sometimes we don’t. We own something and not something else. Allah is the owner of all things at all times.

All knowledge and discoveries made by mankind and all miraculous signs in nature are all from Allah the rabb, showing complex systems dependent on each other. It is illogical for anyone to think that these happened merely by chance.

Worlds (‘aalamiin) in plural form meaning not just human world but including all other worlds eg jinn, animals, outer space etc. 

Yawmi ad deen means the day of recompense. It is when mankind will be rewarded or punished based on their deeds during their lifetime. It also means that this world will end. 

Yawm means a period of time and usually translated as day.

Dayn means debt and deen means repayment.

Allah is the Lord and we are just His servants. Praise be to Allah.


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