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1:7 The blessed path

1:7 The path of those who are blessed, those who do not incur your wrath and are not astray.

Blessed here doesn’t mean blessing in worldly definition. It is made clear by the following explanations in the verse that the blessed ones don’t include those who incurred Allah’s wrath and those who he sent astray, even if they seem blessed from a man’s perspective.

As Al Fatihah is an introduction to Quran, Allah will continuously mention examples from peoples of the past in explaining the blessed path and distinguishing it with those who incurred His wrath and those who were astray.

Allah explained An Nisa (4:69) that the blessed are nabiyyin (the prophets), siddiqin (the true), shuhada (the martyrs) and SaliHin (the righteous).

We recite this request in solah at least 17 times daily, o Allah the All Powerful, grant our requests.


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