2:2 The book

2:2 That is the book, in which there is no doubt, guidance for the muttaqin.

Zaalika (that) is used instead of haaza (this) to show the elevated status of Quran. Furthermore, it refers to the complete Quran in the heavens as Quran was not yet completely revealed and writted down when this verse was revealed.

Kitaab (book) is used to show that Quran is to be written down.

Laa rayba fee hi (No doubt/suspicion/need in it) meaning no falsehood and contradictions. Later in this chapter, Allah challenged those who have doubts regarding Quran to produce similar chapter themselves.

Al Qur’an is one of Allah’s quality, thus it is not a creation and not subject to time.

This kitaab is the hudan (good guidance, clarification), as an answer to our plea in Al Fatihah requesting for guidance towards the straight path.

Giving admonition, directions and calling towards the truth are the duties of the messengers and the believers. However, it is entirely Allah’s right to choose who among His servants are to be guided by the admonitions, directions and calls.

Lil muttaqiin (for those who have taqwa). 

Al Qur’an is a guidance for all of mankind as stated many times in it. Allah mentions muttaqun (those who have taqwa) as it is a condition to be guided by Allah, as Allah has the right to choose whoever He wishes to be guided.

Pre-requisite to be guided is to have taqwa (piety, warding off evil, fear & love of God) i.e. those who protect themselves by abiding to Allah’s commands and restrictions.

Taqwa is one of the themes of this chapter. Next 3 sentences described .

This theme, ie taqwa, is apparent in al Baqarah eg “worship your Lord so you may attain taqwa”. Same goes for ayat on fasting, jihad etc.


2:1 Alif Laam Miim

2:1 Alif Laam Miim

This is an example of mutashabihat (unclear/ allegorical) verses.

Some scholars interpreted them, some didn’t.

One of the wisdom of Allah using these types of phrases is to attract Arabic listeners. It is uncommon to construct an ayah only with disconnected letters. Furthermore, it emphasised that this Qur’an is revealed in Arabic language, similar to the language they use everyday, and their inability to produce similar chapter to it proved that this Qur’an is divine.

Allah knows best.

Excellence of the people of the Quran

From Abu Said Al Khudri, Rasulullah pbuh said “The blessed and exalted Lord said “If anyone is distracted from asking Me by the Quran or remembering Me, I will give him better than what I give the askers”” (Tirmizi)

From Uthman Ibn Affan, Rasulullah pbuh said “The best of you is the one who learns Quran and teaches it” (Bukhari)

From Abu Said Al Khudri, Rasulullah pbuh said “The one who knows Quran will be told “Recite and ascend” and he will recite and rise a degree by every ayat until he reaches the last he has” (Ibn Majah)

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